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ICWNCN will start with ONE DAY WORKSHOP on March 13, 2012 and CONFERENCE will start from March 14, 2012. Please add email addresses of ICWNCN in CONTACT BOOK of your email account to avoid CONFERENCE EMAILS going to SPAM FOLDER.

With the advent of nanotechnology, an exclusively new dimension has been added to the different aspects of material science. Properties of materials show dramatic variation as one goes down to the size in nano domain, new range of applications emerges from nature's closet. Applications in automobiles, space, healthcare, defense, telecommunication, information technology have necessitated the need of newer materials with tailored properties. For study of materials in nano domain, sophisticated technologies such as aberration corrected TEM, AFM, STM have been developed and innovative techniques are being added.

Keeping in pace with the recent advances made in the field of nanotechnology International Conference and Workshop on Nanostructured Ceramics and other Nanomaterials (ICWNCN) is being organized from March 13-16, 2012 at the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi. ICWNCN will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists to keep themselves abreast of recent scientific advances made in the field of nanostructured materials, and nanotechnology. This will also be a platform for young researchers to interact with renowned scientists in the field and to learn about the recent scientific developments as well as newer technologies being developed.

Prof. Ram Pal Tandon
Conference Chair

Scope of Conference

The field of nanotechnology has diversified applications ranging from the probing of the ocean beds to deep space in the form of smart sensors. The conference will include plenary and technical sessions covering a group of topics on nano-ceramics and other nano-materials but not confined to following:

  Nanostructured Materials and Devices
  Functional Nanomaterials
  Graphene and Nanotubes
  Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric and Ferroelectric Materials
  Magnetic Nanomaterials
  Polymers, Glasses and Composites
  Materials for Energy Applications
  Energy Harvesting and Storage
  Materials for Renewable Energy Resources with special focus on SOFC, Thermoelectrics, Li batteries etc.
  Processing and Characterization
  Information Technology
  Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
  Nanotechnology in Defence Sector
  Business Opportunities in Nanotechnology
  Hazards and Safety Issues
  Physics of Nanomaterials
 Spintronics Materials and Devices
  Emerging Allied Areas


Scope of Workshop

Program of workshop will comprise lectures by eminent scientists and academicians on group of topics:

 Synthesis and Processing of Nano ceramics
 Nano-fabrication Techniques
 Characterization of Nano Ceramics
 Nano-materials and Devices
 Nanotechnology and its Applications


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Invited Speakers

Irvine, John T. S.

Elissalde, Cathrine

Madhavan, Vidya

Yamaura, Kazunari

Kadri, Abderrahamne

Kojima, Seiji

No, Kwangsoo

Tomar, M. S.

Negishi, Yuichi

Reshak, Ali Hussain

Yahaya, Mohammad

Teboul, Victor

Kumar, Ashok

Tagantsev, Alexander K.

Andrew, Jennifer S.

Katz, Eugene A.

Volkmann, Ulrich G.

Bonanni, Alberta

Balachandran, U.

Leggett, Graham

Ungar, Goran

Kohei, Soga

Sharma, Pradeep

Ardebili, Haleh

Priya, Shashank

Agostinelli, Elisabetta

Chanbasha, Basheer

Tseng, Tesung-Yuen

Teranishi, Toshiharu

Somani, Prakash

Prabaharan, S.R.S

Cozzoli, P. Davide

Tabet, N.

Feng, Yuan Ping

Valant, Matjaz

Husain, M.

Umar, Ahmad

Bottani, Carlo

Fritze, Holger

Mai, Liqiang

Alguero, Miguel

Dutta, Partha

Khanna, S. N.

Oh, Young-Jei

Augiar J., Albino

Basu, S

Chandra, Ramesh

Gourbilleau, Fabrice

Kaur, Davinder

Krupanidhi, S. B.

Osinski, Marek

Ikeda, Naoshi

Kim, Ji-Seon

Suzuki, Atsushi

Guillemet-Fritsch, Sophie

Leggett, Graham J.

Fraboni, Beatrice

Huijben, Mark

Berthier, Fabienne

Casari, Carlo

Motz, Guenter

Hussein, Mohd Zobir

Pribat, Didier

Mai, Liqiang

Cavallini, Anna

Knauth, Philippe

Nogues, Josep

Rijnder, Guus

Kar-Narayan, Sohini

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